Application Management Modernization & Testing Services

The complexity of modern IT landscapes is continuously increasing. Large companies use up to 10,000 applications for which they need to provide extensive and expensive application service.

IT operation alone consumes up to 75 percent of the budget. Based on estimates, however, every fifth application is superfluous, because many companies use different applications for the same business processes. IT departments therefore face a dilemma. They have to introduce and manage an increasing number of applications while improving service quality at the same time. Because of limited budgets and narrow time slots, they rarely have time to sort through and update the existing IT landscape. Application Management & Modernization gives IT departments room to breathe and offers new perspectives. IT systems put to the testIT system failures can be expensive. Orders get lost and damage to a company's image can lead to heavy losses. All this can be avoided by running tests to identify software errors right away. There are functional and operational tests that can be used to test even entire business processes. QBITVORTEX SOLUTIONS text experts handle all testing services from consulting and test infrastructure management to test operation and setting up an integration center (TIC).