Manufacturing - Automotive Solutions

New manufacturing and logistics concepts, new materials and electronic systems - globalization is fundamentally changing the manufacturing industry. Future-oriented ICT concepts support structural change.

Product manufacturers and suppliers are getting ready for a new era. The automotive industry, for example, is investing millions in the development of alternative drive technology. New value creation networks are being established, in which specialized businesses act as suppliers to the automotive industry. This poses new challenges to supply chain and product life cycle management solutions. They need to be compatible with new challenges and allow for the fast integration of suppliers and development partners. ICT solutions also support the development of new technologies. Today, project team members work in international teams across companies. This not only requires collaboration and mobility solutions to enable global cooperation but also new concepts when it comes to security and governance so that R&D processes can be protected. ICT as a partner of the manufacturing industrySocial trends are also changing customer requirements. The increasing demand in mobility calls for the development of multimodal transport concepts. This includes carsharing services or new car rental offers that give car users access to the car they need for different purposes anytime and anywhere. Airline passengers increasingly demand on-board Internet access. An Internet connection will be an integral part of next-generation transportation means. And devices we use everyday, including refrigerators, umbrellas and running shoes will also be connected to the Internet. The battery power of electric cars, best-by dates on milk cartons and the weather forecast for race day - the Internet of Things makes our lives more convenient, secure and transparent. All of these applications would be impossible without ICT.